Контрольные работы по английскому языку для 2 курса 2 вариант



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  1. Прочитайте, выпишите из текста предложения с оборотами there is\are, переведите
  2. Выпишите существительные во мн. числе и переведите
  3. Вместо номера вставьте артикль, если он необходим

Great Britain

Great Britain is 1.    densely populated country. There are a lot of big cities in 2.   country. There are  a number of smaller cities and towns. More than half of people in Britain live in towns of 50,000 inhabitants or in 3.    suburbs of such towns. Each of 4.   great cities of the country has gathered around it a group of smaller towns. Greater London is, perhaps, 5.    biggest of such cities. It has already over 8.500,000 inhabitants, nearly one-fifth of  6.     total population. It is 7.    largest city in Britain and one of the largest in the world. Historical and geographical circumstances have made 8.     London one of  9.   world most important business and cultural centres, its places of historical interest (Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, 10.   Tower of London and others) attract millions of tourists from all over 11.    world each year.