Контрольная работа по английскому языку вариант 1



Артикул: 55000110

Вариант 1

Прочитайте и письменно выполните упражнения к тексту:

 About my day

I’m student. I study at the Bookselling College. I get up at a quarter to seven. I switch on the radio and exercise to the radio music. Then I go to the bathroom, wash myself and clean my teeth with a tooth-brush. It takes me not more than ten or fifteen minutes. Then I dress and sit down at the table to have my breakfast. I usually have a cup of tea or coffee, eggs and bread and butter.

After breakfast I go to the college. I go there by metro and by bus. My lessons begin at 9.30.  At twenty minutes to one we have a lunch hour. We study many subjects. Best of all I like English and literature. When I studied at school, I liked English and literature too. At eight or nine o’clock it ‘s supper. I have some salad, a slice of sausage and bread, sour milk or cereal.

In the evening I do my home-work. I must and can do it well. Sometimes I listen to the radio or watch TV. In the morning I am going to the college again.

Задание 1

Выпишите из текста все предложения с личными местоимениями и дайте перевод.

Задание 2

Выпишите из текста все предложения с глаголами  to have, to be и переведите их.

Задание 4

При помощи лексики из упражнения 3 сделайте полный перевод текста.