Контрольная работа по английскому языку 2 вариант



Артикул: 55000103

Задание 1. Заполните пропуски с помощью some, any или no и переведите:

  1. She is receiving ….. visitors at the moment.
  2. Are there …..letters for me?
  3. There are not …. contracts here.
  4. The room is empty. There is ….. furniture.
  5. It’s so hot! Would you like …..juice?
  6. …. German firms are going to do business with our company.
  7. I am very busy. I have …. time to speak to you no.
  8. We have not got …. orders for these goods today.
  9. Could you give me …. tea?
  10. Are they looking through … price-lists now?


Задание 2. Найдите в тексте и запишите эквиваленты следующих русских слов:

по всему миру, новый тип, общество, платежная процедура, быстро и эффективно, банковские транзакции.


Задание 3. Дополните тематический словарь еще 10 словами. Переведите текст.


SWIFT, the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications, is a non – profit making cooperative society. It was set up in Brussels in 1973 and now it has more than a thousand member banks in more than fifty countries including our country. Vnesheconombank has been a member bank since 1987.

SWIFT is a service organization which processes and transmits banking transactions electronically between mеmber banks on all the five continents.

Electronic systems transfer large sums around the world quickly and effectively. In this way a new type of international banking is being established. But payment procedures in international trade still rely heavily on paper documents. And specialists say that one day all the data of invoices, shipping documents, various receipts and other documents will be provided in computer. No paper documents will be used any longer. All the information will be sent electronically. This will certainly lead to a lot of technical problems.