Контрольная работа по английскому языку 1 вариант



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1 вариант

Задание 1

  1. Next year the yields of grain onour farm will be higher.
  2. Last year permanent as well as temporary pastures were very good because the soil was fertile.
  3. Crossbreeding is mating of animals belonging to two different breeds.
  4. When supplementary feed is necessary, it is given to the dairy cows in the form of concentrates or root crops and sometimes in the form of silage.
  5. The annual milk yield per cow is about 750 – 800 gallons.

Задание 2

  1. My sisters will have a new area for pasture next year.
  2. She usually has two heifers every year.
  3. Did Sam have much fruit last autumn?
  4. I don’t have two ploughsnow.
  5. Mary didn’t have plants of buckwheat in her fields two years ago.
  6. Will you have a new tractor next year?

Задание 3

1.They have much work in spring, in summer and in autumn.

  1. I’m a student of the Agricultural Academy.
  2. My father is an agronomist at a big farm far from Perm.
  3. She likes to read books about the life of animals.
  4. It is winter now. Spring will begin in two months.
  5. Most treesof our Academy are broadleaf.

Задание 4.

  1. The coffee-plant grows in North Africa, the East and the West Indies, and Brazil.
  2. We fed domestic animals with grain last winter.
  3. UV rays will increase the risk of skin cancer and weaken the immune system of people in the nearest several years.

Задание 5

1.Calculating the balance sheet, an accountant must always be very attentive.

  1. May I take part in discussing the farmer’s problems?
  2. You are very lazy.I can not make you a diligent student.
  3. Last year the weather was very unfavourable for the crops. Can we get high yields, I wonder?

Задание 6

  1. Пшеница произрастает в основном …
  2. Молочное фермерство …
  3. Центры огородничества …

Задание 7.

1.Hard and softfruits grow in many parts …

  1. The main grain …
  2. Britain is an exporter of pedigree …
  3. The main livestock …