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I курс, I семестр

Вариант № 1

I. Спишите, образуйте множественное число, переведите все слова письменно.

Businessman, problem, office, paper, desk, price, room, market, zone, rate.

II. Cпишите существительные, определите в них суффиксы, укажите, от каких слов образованы данные существительные. Переведите все слова.

Editor, artist, hostess, development, distance, translation, complexity, politician, brotherhood.

III. Вставьте вместо точек необходимые предлоги.

  1. He goes … Mosсоw very often.
  2. She lives… apartment 54.
  3. I’m Diana Eustace … Sales Department.
  4. May I call you … your first name?
  5. … the shelves I’ve got many files.

IV. Спишите, подчеркните прилагательные, переведите предложения на русский язык.

  1. The food in your restaurant is less expensive.
  2. The earlier you comе the better.
  3. I need information on our latest transactions in Guatemala.
  4. This road is worse than any other.
  5. He is one of the most experienced workers at the factory.

V. Сделайте предложения вопросительными. Задайте специальные вопросы к выделенным словам.

  1. Countries export some products.
  2. Here are some files on the shelves.
  3. Argentina sells its meat to Canada.
  4. They change mоnеу from one currency to another.
  5. Dealers and banks choose the best rates.

VI. 3апишите числительные цифрами

The fifth of April nineteen seventy-five , in nineteen sixty-seven, one thousand one hundred and seventy-five dollars and thirty-six cents.

VII. Поставьте подходящие пo смыслу местоимения, переведите предложения на русский язык.

  1. I want you to meet Diana Eustace from Sales department.
  2. This is office.
  3. Give the chair.
  4. It is table.
  5. company sells oil products and buys machinery.

VIII. Трансформируйте предложения, используя конструкции there is / there are. Переведите на русский язык.

1.The figures are on the display.

2.The changes are in the market.

3.The new prices are for oil and machinery.

4.The telephone is on the desk.

5.The telefax machine is in the office.

IX. Прочитайте текст, выпишите и переведите незнакомые слова. Выполните задания к тексту.

-Ответьте на вопросы письменно:

  1. Who do you work for?
  2. What have you got in your office?
  3. What is on your desk?
  4. What is under your desk?
  5. Where do you have files?
  6. What colour is your computer’s screen?
  7. What do you see on the screen?
  8. How many figures do you see on the screen?
  9. What are these figures?
  10. When does the boss come?
  11. Where do you see him?
  12. What does he say to you?
  13. Whose files do you have on your desk and on your shelves?
  14. What do you do in your boss’s room?
  15. How long do you work?
  16. How much work do you have to do?

— Отработайте технику чтения текста.